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Alberta Assigned VIN Program

​​​​​​​​Is the vehicle identification number (VIN) from your vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lost, stolen or destroyed? Alberta’s Assigned VIN Program gives vehicle owners the opportunity to obtain a replacement VIN.

An IBC Consumer Program

On behalf of Alberta Transportation, IBC administers the Alberta Assigned VIN Program. VINs help deter auto theft and insurance crime and aid in the identification of recovered stolen vehicles.

A replacement VIN can also be assigned to a home-built or amalgamated vehicle or trailer if you need to obtain a Certificate of Registration. 

The program:

  • Assigns a 17-digit VIN​ that adheres to international VIN conventions
  • Is supported by information provided by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act and its supporting regulations, Alberta Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation (AR 320/2002) and Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Regulation (AR 319/2002)


How To Apply For a Replacement VIN

Complete and submit the online Application for an Alberta Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and payment.


Complete a PDF application​ and mail a non-refundable payment to the following address: Attention: Alberta Assigned VIN Program c/o Insurance Bureau of Canada, Suite 400, 370, 5222-130 Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta T2Z 0G4.

Upon receipt of your application and payment, IBC will contact you to schedule a time and location for the examination​ of your vehicle or trailer.

You can pay for the examination by MasterCard or Visa using the online application form​. You can also pay by certified cheque or a money order payable to “Insurance Bureau of Canada.” If you fax your application to 403-255-9054, please note that payment can be made only by credit card. In all payment options, cash is not accepted.


For more information, please contact IBC​. In Calgary, please call 403-258-3677; outside of Calgary, please call 1-866-263-6240.​