Provincial Auto Theft Network

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Each year, auto theft and fraud costs Canadians nearly $500 million. Équité Association's PATNET shares information, professional training and support between the property and casualty insurance industry and law enforcement agencies. ​


Following a recommendation by the Criminal Intelligence Service, together with the Saint John Police Force in New Brunswick, IBC formed the Provincial Auto Theft Network (PATNET). Now an Équité Association service, Équité provides training and workshops and participates in the sharing of information about jurisdictional trends and auto theft activity.

Since PATNET’s inception, interest in its programs such as Red Flags at the Roadside has grown, attracting law enforcement officials from across Canada. 

In 2013, PATNET expanded its operations to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Initiated in the Atlantic provinces, this successful partnership represents a strong commitment between Équité's investigative services (formerly of IBC) and law enforcement officials to fight auto theft and fraud.

​8 Tips to Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe​

If your vehicle is broken into or stolen, immediately contact the local police department. Here are more tips to keep your car safe:

  1. Never leave keys in the ignition or in your car, not even a hidden spare.
  2. Keep your car in your garage if you have one.
  3. Close the windows and sunroof when you leave the vehicle.
  4. Lock doors and activate security alarms.
  5. Take valuables with you when you leave your car, e.g., cash, credit cards, cellphones and GPS devices.
  6. If you must leave valuables in the car, lock them in the trunk.
  7. Make sure your keys are secure at home and at work. Do not place your keys on a key holder near the front door of your house.
  8. Always report suspicious activities to your local police.​