Timing of the Rebuild

​What is considered a reasonable amount of time to take to rebuild a house? I've heard it could take 14 to 18 months, and that feels like a very long time.

A rebuild period of 14 to 18 months is not uncommon after a large-scale disaster (the 2013 Calgary floods or the Slave Lake fire, for example). There are many factors involved. For example, the availability of labour, resources and supplies affects how quickly work can be done. And winter creates a limited window for construction. At the peak of the boom years in Fort McMurray, 600 homes per year were constructed. Fort McMurray is now faced with the reconstruction of 2,400 structures – 1,600 of which are homes. The unprecedented scale of the rebuilding efforts will push builders to their limits in Fort McMurray over the recovery and rebuilding period.

Work with your insurance adjuster and contractor to establish clear deadlines for the completion of your own project.