Auto Insurance Attitudes in British Columbia

Drivers in BC continue to pay the highest auto insurance premiums in the country, but do not receive more when they make a claim than drivers in other provinces. British Columbians overwhelmingly want to see change in the auto insurance marketplace and view competition as a way to keep prices under control.

A new poll conducted for IBC shows that 82% of British Columbians want more choice in auto insurance and favour competition over any other solution. 

They want a competitive system where they can choose which company will best meet their coverage needs at the best price. In fact, the desire for increased choice and competition crosses all political lines with 86% of BC Liberal voters, 80% of BC Green voters, and 73% of BC NDP voters voicing support.

British Columbians believe that competition provides a powerful incentive for a company to keep prices down and to deliver the best service possible, and that car insurance is no exception to this rule. The BC car insurance marketplace lacks these competitive forces, causing poor responsiveness to customer concerns.

However, ICBC faces no competition in the basic auto insurance market and prices for basic insurance have increased over 42% since 2011.

As it has become more and more expensive to insure a car in BC, a number of solutions have been put forward to make auto insurance more affordable in this province.

Nearly 70% of BC drivers has an unfavorable view of the current auto insurance marketplace.

British Columbians appear to have run out of patience with the current auto insurance system, and are eager for change. 82% want more choice in auto insurance and favor competition over any other solution.

BC drivers deserve to be able to choose which auto insurance provider is best for them, and are now united in their call for change for the better.

Please see full poll results below.  The Survey was conducted by Maple Leaf Strategies for IBC between January 16 – 20, 2019.  Margin of error = +/-3.5%

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