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BC Auto Insurance

British Columbia (BC) drivers pay the highest auto insurance premiums in Canada. And when they make a claim, they receive less than drivers in most other provinces. It's no wonder that British Columbians overwhelmingly want competition and choice to help control prices and make auto insurance more affordable

The average BC driver now pays $1,680 every year for their auto insurance. That is more than any other province in Canada where drivers have the benefit of competition and choice in auto insurance.


What’s more, BC drivers receive less when making a claim than drivers in provinces with competition and choice.

​Average Premium Cost ​$1,117 ​$789 ​$775 ​$1,437 ​$1,209 ​$1,680* ​$813
​Average Injury Claim ​$69,126 ​$62,359 ​$57,144 ​$55,946 ​$42,775 $42,084** ​$37,492
Average Premium CostAverage Injury Claim

*Source: Ernst and Young report; including ICBC 2017 rate increase effective Nov 1, 2017
**ICBC value is from 2015. ICBC has not yet reported for 2016.


Now, more than ever, it is time for change … and choice.

A new poll conducted for IBC shows that 78% of British Columbians want more choice in auto insurance.

It also found that 89% of BC drivers believe they can shop around and save money if given the option to choose their car insurance provider.

Insurance Attitudes in BC Poll: This survey highlights current auto insurance attitudes in BC. Maple Leaf Strategies conducted it for IBC between September 25 and October 1, 2017.

Competition provides a powerful incentive for any company to keep prices down and to deliver the best customer service possible. Auto insurance is no exception to this rule, and allowing private insurers the chance to compete with ICBC is in the best interest of BC drivers.

Under the government monopoly, ICBC's basic insurance rates have increased over 42% since 2011. More alarming is that premiums are set to rise further in the years ahead, by as much as 30% by 2019. 

It's clear that British Columbians have run out of patience with the province's auto insurance system. They are eager for change and have clearly voiced their preferred solution – they want a competitive system in which they can choose the auto insurance company that best meets their coverage needs at the best price.

Competition alone cannot solve all of the challenges facing BCs auto insurance system but it is a critical part of the solution. Increased choice in the marketplace is the most effective way to deliver better costs to consumers and the experience that Canada's private insurance companies have gain in other provinces can help identify solutions to improve affordability in auto insurance in BC.

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