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Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage
New Driver Requirements


ManitobaAuto insurance in Manitoba is provided by a government-run insurance company, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Since 1971, Manitoba consumers have had very little choice in how and where they buy their car insurance. If they are dissatisfied with the service provided by MPI or the premiums they are being charged, drivers in Manitoba do not have the same options as do drivers in other provinces – the option to switch insurance companies.

A competitive business environment is a powerful incentive for insurers to deliver the best service and to understand and meet consumers’ needs. Auto insurance is no exception to this rule. As consumers’ needs change, private insurance companies respond by offering innovative new products and services. Product innovations such as first accident forgiveness, replacement cost coverage, roadside assistance, and payment plans were all adopted in competitive jurisdictions long before they were available in provinces with government-run auto insurance systems.

All provinces in Canada have some form of no-fault accident benefits that are paid to all accident victims. The difference across the provinces is the degree to which tort (the right to sue) or no-fault (access to accident benefits) is emphasized. Manitoba auto insurance operates in a “pure” no-fault environment. This means that if you are injured in a car collision, you are entitled to a standard and pre-established set of benefits provided by the government-run insurer. If your needs should change or you require additional financial support, you cannot – under any circumstances – sue for more.

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