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Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaAuto insurance in Nova Scotia is provided by more than 60 private companies that compete for customers by offering a different mix of price, coverage and service. Everyone who wants to drive a car in Nova Scotia must by law buy a minimum amount of insurance (see minimums page).

Vehicle owners must have coverage for third party liability, accident benefits, and to protect them in case they are in accidents caused by uninsured and unidentified motorists. It is also possible to buy purchase additional liability coverage as well as optional collision and comprehensive coverage – but this is not required by law.

Having the right auto insurance coverage is essential for everyone who relies on a car to get around. When Nova Scotians are involved in accidents, their insurance companies help them get better, support them if they are unable to work, and protect them financially if they hurt someone else and are sued for it.

In Canada, provincial governments decide which mandatory benefits are included in the auto insurance product.

The Nova Scotia government enacted reforms in 2003 that helped reduce the cost of auto insurance. Since then, the average cost of auto insurance in Nova Scotia has dropped almost 27% – from $1,069 in August 2003 to $783 in October 2012. Nova Scotia drivers currently pay some of the lowest auto insurance rates in the country and enjoy generous accident benefits.

In 2012 and 2013, as part of the Fair Auto Insurance Reforms, the provincial government made additional changes to Nova Scotia’s auto insurance system. See how recent reforms affect drivers.

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