Fighting Urban Flooding

IBC unveils ground-breaking technology, announces pilot project to help communities reduce basement flooding

Helping Canadian communities fight flooding

What’s the problem?

Canada’s weather has been changing and it’s hurting communities. So far in 2013, insured losses from natural disasters – including the recent Alberta and Toronto floods – are close to $3 billion, the highest in Canadian history.

That’s why Canadian property and casualty insurers are eager to collaborate with governments to help Canadians adapt to the new weather realities. MRAT is a valuable tool in the fight against urban flooding. The goal is fewer flooded basements.

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What does MRAT do?

MRAT (Municipal Risk Assessment Tool) is a new multi-million dollar technology created by municipalities and insurers to help protect against costly sewer backup damage to homes and businesses.

The MRAT technology combines information – about municipal infrastructure, current and future climate, and insurance claims – to give city engineers a new picture of where infrastructure is vulnerable today, and where it will be vulnerable in 2020 and in 2050.

MRAT data are displayed as risk maps. Red areas on maps indicate that basement flooding is more likely and green areas indicate that it is less likely. City engineers can use MRAT maps to plan and prioritize infrastructure repairs, adjust service levels and support requests for federal infrastructure dollars.

The tool is the only one of its kind in the world.

Where will MRAT be used?

Three cities – Coquitlam, BC, Hamilton, ON, and Fredericton, NB – are participating in an MRAT pilot project announced in November 2013. MRAT will be rolled out in several more municipalities across Canada in 2014.

MRAT launch speech Release:

November 21, 2013:

IBC President Don Forgeron
lunch address to The Economic Club of Canada

November 21, 2013:

IBC announces launch of three-city pilot project to help Canadian communities adapt to weather extremes and fight urban flooding
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