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Loss Prevention
Keep Your House Dry

The Dry House

Tackling water damage

IBC’s newest display – The Dry House – gives a dramatic presentation of home water damage and how to deal with it.

Featuring an interactive game on a 10 ft x 8 ft touch-screen, The Dry House teaches consumers how to reduce the risk of water damage to their homes caused by flooding and maintenance problems around the house.

The display will travel to home and renovation shows in southern Ontario. 

How does it work?

The large touch screen video wall shows a scene that homeowners dread - the inside of a flooded house. The public can solve the water problems by dragging icons representing possible solutions to each problem. The Dry House provides information on sewer backup valves, sump pumps, bathroom and appliance room repairs, eavestrough maintenance, caulking repairs and more.

Check back here soon for a web-based version of the Dry House!

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