Seasonal Vehicles

​​​​​​​Do you ride a snowmobile in the winter? Drive your classic car only during the summer? Park your RV in storage for a few months? These types of vehicles should have comprehensive coverage year-round. 

If you drive your vehicle for only a few months each year and store it when not in use, it still should be insured. Seasonal vehicles that are not driven year-round may include: 

​Your provincial government sets specific requirements for seasonal vehicles, such as: 

  • Minimum driver age
  • Insurance and registration 
  • Helmet use
  • Highway crossing
  • Private property use exemptions 

Basic Insurance Coverage You Should Consider

Comprehensive auto insurance can help protect your vehicle against fire, theft and other types of damage while it is in storage.  

Typically, you maintain insurance coverage for your motorcycle for the winter. Motorcycle insurance is normally based on 12 months of coverage and accounts for off-season storage. Classic car insurance may be similar. For more information, speak with your insurance representative.

You may be able to remove the mandatory liability and optional collision benefits coverage while your vehicle is in storage. Each province and territory has specific licensing requirements for seasonal vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds and classic cars. Visit your provincial or territorial government’s website for more information:



​British Columbia



​Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories


​Nova Scotia


Early Cancellation Penalties 

Do you insure your seasonal vehicle for a year but only drive it for a few months? If you decide to cancel your insurance policy, you may be subject to an early cancellation penalty.

Tips on Reducing Your Insurance Premium

Insurers take specific factors into consideration when calculating your seasonal vehicle premiums. Some of these factors are the same as those used when calculating car insurance premiums.

Find out how car insurance premiums are calculated​.

Ready to Get Back on the Road? 

A few weeks before you take your seasonal vehicle out of storage, contact your insurance representative and update your policy. You should also ensure that your licence plate sticker covers the time period during which you plan on driving your seasonal vehicle.