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Rental Properties

Rental Properties

Before renting out your primary or secondary residence, contact your insurance representative. Make sure that your home insurance provides adequate coverage and no exclusions apply.

Insurers treat owner-occupied homes differently than homes rented to third parties. Changes in occupancy can affect your coverage, so always speak to your insurance representative if you are considering a change.  

Landlords and tenants have different rights and responsibilities. Consider your insurance coverage and responsibilities before you rent your property.

Renting Out Your Primary Residence?

A major sporting or cultural event is coming to your city. You decide to rent your home to visitors for a few weeks and take a holiday. While you are away, a burglary occurs and your jewellery is stolen. You call your insurer to make a claim. Are you covered?

  • Your homeowner’s policy was designed specifically for you and sold with the expectation that you, the owner, would reside in the dwelling.
  • Some policies may not permit you to rent your home to someone else, even for a short period of time.
  • Before you rent your home, or even a portion of it, check with your insurance representative to determine how the arrangement may affect your insurance coverage.