Exhibit Production System

​​As a service provider to the General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA), IBC provides data services under the Automobile Statistical Plan (ASP) and Commercial Liability Statistical Plan (CLSP).

​What You Can Access

Authorized insurance representatives can access GISA’s portal. Within the Exhibit Production System (EPS) Request Company Exhibits application, you can access the “create individual,”  “grouped reporting insurer,” ASP exhibits and supporting comma separated value (CSV) formatted data files for your associated group of companies. 

Authorized individuals may request the production of ASP exhibits:

  • ​In the same format(s) as the industry publications for their own insurer.
  • For their insurer group based on the reporting company numbers that the insurer reported data under ASP 


GISA and IBC reserve all rights to their respective published materials. Materials are for internal use only and are not for resale. Any reference to the materials must acknowledge the source as GISA or IBC, as the case may be. This applies to bulletins, statistical plan guides, edit rule documentation, statistical exhibit report, and electronic, software and policy publications.

User Guide for EPS Requesting Company Publications, Version 1.02, July 2012  ​​