IBC offers courses to all of its stakeholder companies to help improve data quality and accuracy for statistical reporting. Contact your data quality analyst (DQA) for more information.  ​

IBC courses

These courses are conducted at IBC offices. If you require a course to be held at a different location, consult your DQA. Each course is approximately 3 hours long.

​There is no cost for an employee of a member insurance company to attend any of the following courses: 

  • IBC Overview for Statistical Reporting
  • Submission Management
  • ​Early Warning System
  • Early Warning System – Understanding the Anomaly Description and Definitions
  • Error Management
  • Data Accuracy

Customized training

If you or your team requires training on other data-quality management topics, please contact IBC. In many cases, we can prepare a customized training session on your requested topic.​

After completing these courses, participants can work with their DQA to schedule further personalized sessions to address data quality and accuracy issues. At this time, training will be company specific, and your DQA can help analyze your company’s concerns and suggest remediation activities. 

For a course schedule or additional information, contact your DQA.