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Newfoundlanders and Labradorians Deserve Better Auto Insurance

Minor car accidents happen. Many of us have, or will have at some point in our lives, a minor collision. From a fender bender in bumper-to-bumper traffic to a blown-open car door in the grocery store parking lot, thank goodness for car insurance. But, only if you can afford it.

Claims costs are out of control in this province, and that pressure has put premiums out of reach.

High insurance premiums make driving unaffordable for too many of us.

Sharing your insurance story can help build a better system for every Newfoundlander and Labradorian.

Your voice can make a difference

Share your story with the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities today by emailing insurancereview@pub.nl.ca.

It's time to make the auto insurance system work better for everyone.


Real People. Real Impact.

"I hope you can help us, I'm ready to pack it in here and move the hell away from all this misery. When I did a quick check of other provinces and insurance quotes it's a third of the cost for my insurance if I choose to live in AB, BC or Quebec. 5 years after I hit the curb, I'm still paying almost $5000 a year for insurance."

- C.M.


"I had a stone chip in the windshield of my truck. I stopped in to the local glass shop in Gander to get an estimate to fix it, and to make an appointment. The quoted price was about $60. When I went back for my appointment, and presented my insurance card to get coverage, the cost went up to about $150. It seemed strange to me that they would charge more to my insurance company, than if I had paid for it out-of-pocket."

- B.A., Gander


"Both myself and my husband have impeccable driving records for well over 25 years. This past April, upon our insurance renewal, we saw an increase of more than 40% before tax. Taking into account the 15% tax, we had an overall increase of 62%. When I called our insurance company regarding the increase, I explained that we both have clear driving records; no claims or tickets in over 25 years. I was informed by the insurance company that the increase was due to the fact that we are living in Newfoundland, and that this province has the highest paid out claims. Basically we were paying for claims of other people."

- K.B.

The Review Process

For the first time in 14 years, Newfoundland and Labrador is reviewing the auto insurance system. Learn more.

The Problem

​In addition to high claim amounts, there are many factors fuelling the cost of auto insurance in this province. Learn more.

The Solution

Changes must be made so we have a sustainable auto insurance system that works for everyone. Learn more.


Find the answers to the questions asked most often about auto insurance in Newfoundland and Labrador. Learn more.