Cargo Theft

​Each year, cargo theft costs the Canadian economy $5 billion. All too often, cargo theft goes unreported. Équité Association leads a national cargo theft reporting program (formerly of IBC) with the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA). 

What is Cargo Theft?

Cargo theft involves stealing trucks and transport trailers full of merchandise. After stealing the vehicle or trailer, the criminals offload the cargo, which can be worth thousands of dollars, parcel it and sell it for a quick profit, often before the crime is reported. 

This low-risk, high-reward crime is a significant problem across the country. Transportation hubs in southern Ontario, Montreal and Vancouver are prime targets for these organized theft operations. 

Recognize and Report It

Help IBC fight cargo theft across Canada. To report stolen cargo:

In March 2014, IBC and CTA launched a national cargo theft reporting program that is open to all insurers operating in Canada, including IBC members and non-member companies.  

The program improves information-sharing among insurers, law enforcement, the trucking community and other stakeholders to assist in the recovery of stolen goods and bring criminals to justice. Watch an IBC representative speak about the goals of IBC/CTA's cargo theft initiative. 

Cargo Theft Costs Everyone

If cargo theft goes unreported, property recovery and prosecution becomes a challenge. Cargo theft cheats consumers, retailers, insurers and the trucking community, and wastes law enforcement resources. 

A 2011 study commissioned by CTA pegs the cost of cargo crime at $5 billion per year and links cargo theft to organized crime. Thieves use the proceeds of cargo theft to fund organized criminal activities, such as gun and drug smuggling.

IBC and CTA: National Cargo Theft Reporting Program

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