Liquor Liability - Claims Management

​​Despite having policies in place, and following procedures and best practices for risk management, your organization may face a claim relating to the service of alcohol. In the event of an incident that could result in a claim, contact your insurance representative immediately.

​Reporting a Liquor Liability Claim​

  1. Record all relevant information surrounding the incident, such as the names and contact information of any witnesses, employees or volunteers who were present or have information about the incident.
    1. Have them complete an incident report that includes all of the relevant details.
  2. Refer any discussions with the potential claimant to your insurer.
    1. It is wise to tell employees and/or volunteers that they should not discuss liability with potential claimants and that they should never admit liability.
  3. Investigate potential causes and implement preventive measures.
Source: Compiled with Canadian Risk Intervention Inc.