Nature-Based Solutions

What is a nature-based insurance solution (NBIS)?

  • A NBIS is an insurance framework that provides financial compensation or reimbursement against losses derived from damage to a natural asset – such as wetland, forest, beach, or other natural structure – based on predetermined risks coverage limits
  • NBIS serves a similar purpose to other, more conventional forms of insurance, as it allows natural assets to be treated like engineered assets (buildings, bridges, roads, vehicles, etc.)

Insurance Bureau of Canada works with its members and external partners to advance nature-based solutions as a cost effective and under-utilized way to protect Canadians from flooding and other climate risks.

Our work includes the development of research papers and analysis to assess the cost effectiveness and methodologies for prioritizing natural infrastructure, policy engagement, and other initiatives to deploy insurance solutions in a way that captures the resilience value of natural assets.

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Policy Engagement

Submission to the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery, Recommendation 4.1 to Invest in Natural Infrastructure Where it Protects Us