Crisis Management

​From floods to fires to earthquakes, severe weather can damage your home. A home robbery or attempted break-in can put you, your family and your property, at risk. If you’re in a crisis situation that could affect the structure of your home or your own health, keep calm and seek alternate shelter immediately.

​If you’ve been a victim of robbery or a break-in attempt, call the police immediately. If a fire, flood or other natural disaster damages your property, contact your insurance representative as soon as it is safe to do so. Immediately record – on paper and take photos – as many details as you can without endangering your personal safety.

From floods to ice storms and hurricanes, Canadians are quickly learning that no season is safe and a crisis can happen at any time. The most alarming discovery is that most people are unprepared for an emergency or crisis, particularly when it comes to their home insurance.

​Insurance for Crisis Situations

​Crisis​Typically Covered​Typically Not Covered
​Some insurance providers offer overland flooding insurance. Limits, deductibles and coverages vary, so it’s best to ask your broker or agent about these policies.​Flood damage is generally not covered when it's a result of overland flooding. However, some insurers are now offering overland flooding coverage. Speak with your agent or broker about these new policies.
​Fire​If it was accidental or caused by external elements, fire is generally covered.​If you intentionally set fire to your home, fire is not covered.
​Wind/Tornado​Tornadoes are very dangerous windstorms and home insurance covers damage from wind. This applies to damage to the outside of a building (except for antennas, satellite dishes, etc.). The interior of a building and its contents are covered only if the storm has first created an opening in the building (e.g., a broken window or damaged roof) through which the storm could enter.​If the roof was already in a state of disrepair, insurance may not cover the damage. Contact your insurance representative to understand what limits may apply.
​Earthquake​Damage is covered only if you have purchased separateearthquake coverage. Earthquake insurance generally covers loss or damage to your property caused by the shaking of the earth. Cost varies according to location and type of construction. Check with your insurance representative to learn more about earthquake coverage.​Earthquake coverage is not included in standard policies.
​Theft​Defined as the wrongful taking of the property of another. It is a broad term and includes larceny, pilfering, hold-up, robbery and pick pocketing.​Theft at or after a fire is generally considered as part of the fire risk. Sometimes, however, it is specifically excluded.

When Mother Nature Strikes

Many crises are weather related. Whether your home is damaged by water, wind, fire, ice or an earthquake, make sure you know what to do in the event of an emergency and always maintain a home emergency kit.