On Premise Loss Prevention - Claims Management

​​Employees and volunteers should be briefed on what to do if a potential loss event happens so they are able to act quickly. ​

If any one is injured in an accident or incident that occurs on your business premises, they should receive immediate necessary medical attention and emergency services should be contacted if required. 

​In addition, the following steps should always be taken when an incident or accident occurs on your premises:

  1. Complete an incident report or an accident report. Documenting the incident or accident may help establish a defence against a claim presented at a later date. It may also help you analyze the cause of the incident or accident and help you recommend improvements to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
  2. Contact your insurance representative to determine if the incident or accident should be reported. If so, provide your insurer with:
    1. Details of the incident or accident;
    2. Information about steps that were taken to avoid the incident or accident.
  3. If possible, photograph where the incident or accident occurred and be sure to record:
    1. Any damages to the property
    2. The area(s) where the person was injured
    3. The injuries that the person sustained.
  4. Take down the names and contact information of any witnesses. Obtain and record detailed descriptions of the incident or accident from the injured person and witnesses.
  5. In the event that a person is injured, instruct employees and volunteers to never admit fault on behalf of the organization. They can say “I’m not permitted by my employer to discuss the circumstances of the incident. I will, however, be reporting the incident immediately, and an authorized person will contact you.” Never admit liability.
  6. Document all information related to incidents or accidents.
  7. Investigate potential causes and implement preventive measures.

Learn about risk management best practices for your premises that can help to reduce and prevent injuries or loss situations.


Source: Compiled with Canadian Risk Intervention Inc.