Sports And Recreation - Claims Management

​If a participant is injured at your organization’s sports or recreation event, it is important to act quickly. ​

​Before a sporting or recreational activity takes place, brief your employees and volunteers on what they should do in the ​event of an accident. Remind them to take the following steps:​Assist the injured person in finding necessary medical treatment. For example, call an ambulance if necessary.Take pictures of the area where the incident occurred. Where applicable, immediately remove or repair the hazard that may have caused or contributed to the incident. If the hazard cannot be removed or repaired immediately, either ensure the area is safe for others or make it inaccessible before you leave.Record names and contact information of any witnesses. Obtain and record detailed descriptions of the incident from the victim and witnesses.Refer any discussions with the claimant to your insurer. Employees and/or volunteers should not discuss liability with potential claimants and they should never admit liability. Complete an incident report. Documenting the incident may help to establish a defence for a claim presented at a later date, help you analyze the cause of the incident and help you recommend risk management improvements to prevent similar incidents in the future.Contact your insurance representative regarding all accidents and incidents that could potentially result in an injury claim.Investigate potential causes and take steps to prevent and/or respond better to similar incidents in the future. Source: Compiled with Canadian Risk Intervention Inc.