Jewellery, Furniture and Art

High-value items such as jewellery, furs, silverware, collectible stamps and coins are subject to a specific limit of insurance. You may want to consider purchasing separate coverage for objects that have a high replacement value.

​A diamond engagement ring, a fur coat or fine art may be separately insurable. The value of such articles is often derived from their condition, but after an item is lost it is impossible to determine its condition or its value. By insuring the article specifically, the value is determined in advance, generally through an appraisal of the item.

The possessions you acquire over a lifetime add up. Some items in your home may have significant monetary value, such as:

  • Jewellery
  • Fur coats
  • Original works of art, including limited edition prints
  • Collections of coins, stamps, medals, baseball cards or comic books

Coverage for such items is typically limited. Review your current policy or ask your insurance representative if you are uncertain about how much coverage you currently have.

If you own objects of significant value, you may consider purchasing optional coverage. It's important to remember that coverage may be limited for certain types of highly valued objects. Speak with your insurance representative about what coverage may be available to insure any high value objects.