IBC Members - Insurer/Reinsurer

IBC member companies – private insurers and reinsurers – can subscribe to three types of services.

Learn more about eligibility and benefits of membership and contact memberservices@ibc.ca for an estimate tailored to your company.


This includes policy development, communications and legal services, and services provided by regional offices.


This includes cross-insurer fraud investigation coordination, auto theft and loss recovery services, vehicle identification, vehicle branding, a tips line, information exchange, and communications and legal services, as they pertain to Investigative Services.


This includes access to web-based business applications, the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating (CLEAR) system, VINlink products, and other information related to automobile insurance in Canada.

Company and Group - AServices
​Algoma Mutual Insurance Company

​Allianz Global Risks (US) Insurance Company
​Allstate Canada Group of Companies (ACG)
​Allstate Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Esurance Insurance Company of Canada
​Pafco Insurance Company​A​B​*
Pembridge Insurance Company​A​B​*
​L'Alpha, compagnie d'assurance inc.​B​*
​The American Road Insurance Company​B
​Arch Insurance Canada Ltd.​A​*
​Atradius Credit Insurance N.V.​A
Aviva Canada Inc.
​Aviva General Insurance Company
​Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
​Elite Insurance Company​A​*
​Pilot Insurance Company
​S & Y Insurance Company​A​*
​Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited​A​*
​Traders General Insurance Company​A​*
​AXIS Reinsurance Company (Canadian Branch)​A
Company and Group - B​ ​ Services
​The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada​A

​Brant Mutual Insurance Company
Company and Group - C​ ​ Services
CAA Club Group
Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company
BCAA Insurance Corporation
​CAA Insurance Company
Echelon Insurance​
La Capitale Financial Group
​La Capitale assurances générales inc.​A​B​*
Unica Insurance Incorporated​A​B​*
​L'Unique assurances générales inc.​A​B​*
​Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Continental Casualty Company​A​B​*
The Co-operators Group Limited
​Co-operators General Insurance Company​B​*
​COSECO Insurance Company​B​*
​The Sovereign General Insurance Company​B​*
​​CUMIS General Insurance Company​B​*
​CorePointe Insurance Company​B
Company and Group - D​ ​ Services
Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.​
​Certas Direct Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Certas Home and Auto Insurance CompanyA​​B​*
Desjardins assurances générales Inc.
The Personal General Insurance Inc.​
​The Personal Insurance Company​A​B​*
Company and Group - E​ ​ Services 
​Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLC
Economical Insurance  
​Economical Mutual Insurance Company
​The Missisquoi Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Perth Insurance Company​A​B​*
Sonnet Insurance Company​​A​B​*
​Waterloo Insurance Company​A​B​*
Electric Insurance Company​A*​
Euler Hermes American Credit Indemnity Company​A
​Everest Insurance Company of Canada  ​A
Everest Reinsurance Company​A
Company and Group - F​ ​ Services
​Federal Insurance Company of Canada
Company and Group - G​ ​ Services 
General Reinsurance Corporation
Gore Mutual Insurance Company​A​B​*
Company and Group - H​ ​ Services
Hartford Fire Insurance Company​A​B​*
HDI Global SE Canada Branch
HDI Global Specialty SE
​Howick Mutual Insurance Company​B
Company and Group - I​ ​ Services
Industrielle Alliance, Assurance auto et habitation inc.
Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI)
​Intact Financial Corporation
Belair Insurance Company Inc.
​The Guarantee Company of North America
​Intact Insurance Company​A​B​*
JEVCO Insurance Company​A​B​*
The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Novex Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada
Company and Group - L​ ​ Services
​Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company​A
​Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

​Liberty Specialty Markets Bermuda Limited
Company and Group - M​ ​ Services
MAX Insurance​A
​​Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited​AB​​*
​Motors Insurance Corporation​B
​Munich Re Group ​ ​ ​
​Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada​A
​Temple Insurance Company​A
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.​A​B
​The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia​A
Company and Group - N​ ​ Services
​Northbridge Financial Corporation
​Federated Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Northbridge General Insurance Corporation​A​B​*
Verassure Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Zenith Insurance Company​A​B​*
​North Kent Mutual Fire Insurance​B
Company and Group - O​ ​ Services
​Odyssey America Reinsurance Corporation(Canadian Branch)​A
​Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada​A​B*​
Omega General Insurance Company​A
Company and Group - P​ ​ Services
​Partner Reinsurance Company of the U.S.​A
Peace Hills General Insurance Company​A​B​*
Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company​B​*
Promutuel Assurance​A*​
​Protective Insurance Company​A*​
Company and Group - R​ ​ Services
​Red River Mutual Insurance Company
​Ascentus Insurance Ltd.​A​B​*
​Canadian Northern Shield Insurance Company​A​B​*
​​Québec Assurance Company​A​B​*
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada​​A​B​*
​Unifund Assurance Company​A​B​*
L'Union Canadienne, compagnie d'assurances​A​B​*
​Western Assurance Company​A​B​*
Company and Group - S​ ​ Services
SCOR Canada Reinsurance Company
​Sentry Insurance, A Mutual Company​A​*
Sirius America Insurance Company​A
SSQ Insurance Company Inc.
​Starr Insurance and Reinsurance LimitedA​
​Swiss Re
​Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., Canadian Branch​A
​Westport Insurance Corporation​AB
Company and Group - T​ ​ Services
TD Insurance
​Primmum Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Security National Insurance Company​A​B*
​TD Direct Insurance Inc.
​TD General Insurance Company​A​B​*
​TD Home and Auto Insurance Company
Toa Reinsurance Company of America (Canada Branch)
​Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Travelers Canada
​St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company
​The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
​Travelers Insurance Company of CanadaA​​B​*
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company​A
​Triton Insurance Company​A
Company and Group - WServices 
​The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Wynward Insurance Group​B
Company and Group - X​ ​ Services
​XL Specialty Insurance Company
Company and Group - Z​ ​Services
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd