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Data Management Tips

Data Management Tips

​​​Data quality tips e-bulletins are distributed to insurance companies to help explain various data reporting requirements. Tips can relate to one or more statistical plans or various data-quality tools or applications.

Improving data quality together

Have an idea for a future Tips e-bulletin? Contact dataquality@ibc.ca

​IBC’s Data Management team of experts oversee the collection of industry data. It also helps auto and business insurance companies ensure that their submitted data meets all quality and accuracy standards. 

All “Tips” e-bulletins are available in PDF format, below.

CategoryDate issuedTopic


January 13, 2014First party Vehicle VIN
CLSPJuly 25, 2012Commercial Liability Reporting Tips, July 2012
AUTOOctober 5, 2011Glossary of EWS terms
AUTO​July 11, 2011Statistical and UITS transaction type
AUTOApril 19, 2011Error Threshold
AUTOMarch 21, 2011Monthly Automobile close off
EWSMarch 4, 2011Early Warning System Review
AUTOJanuary 25, 2011C9038 Tips
AUTOJanuary 18, 2011U414 and U430 VIN errors
AUTONovember 19, 2010Claim Count
EWSJuly 13, 2010Early Warning System - Issues older than 30 days
AUTOMay 19, 20102010 Ontario Auto Changes - FAQ
AUTOMay 7, 2010Occasional Operators
AUTODecember 2005Endorsement Premiums
AUTOApril 9, 2010TIPS on adding VINS to the Exception file
AUTODecember 3, 2009Correction of VINs
ToolsNovember 24, 2009Timely data submission and Deficiency fee information
AUTOMay 2005Alberta Grid FAQs
AUTOFebruary 2005Loss Transfer