Are you ready to drop, cover and hold on? On the third Thursday in October of each year, join millions of people around the world in a massive earthquake preparedness drill. 

​Global Earthquake Preparedness 

The Great British Columbia ShakeOut isn’t just for B.C. residents – it’s for everyone. From Canada to the United States, Japan, Italy and New Zealand, people are invited to take part in earthquake drills.

​In 2013, more than 24.7 million individuals, businesses, schools, health care facilities and other groups around the world participated in the Great British Columbia ShakeOut. 

Committed to raising public awareness, IBC is a presenting sponsor of the Great British Columbia ShakeOut.

Earthquakes in Canada 

Approximately 4,000 earthquakes are recorded in Canada each year; most are small. However, there is at least a 30 per cent chance that an earthquake strong enough to cause significant damage to 1- and 2-storey buildings will strike south-western British Columbia in the next 50 years. 

In the past 100 years, at least 9 earthquakes in or near Canada have registered a magnitude greater than 7. Participating in ShakeOut keeps the issue top of mind and helps you prepare to survive and recover in the event of a major earthquake.

How to Participate in ShakeOut

  1. Today: Register yourself or your organization to be counted in the ShakeOut drill.
  2. Between now and ShakeOut: Consider what may happen when an earthquake shakes your area. Plan what you will do to prepare, protect yourself and recover quickly.
  3. Before ShakeOut: Download the ShakeOut audio drill broadcast and have it ready to play during the earthquake preparedness drill. Using this resource can make your drill more interesting and educational.
  4. Perform the drop, cover and hold on protocol

Here’s what to do in the event of an earthquake if you have a disability or activity limitation​

For more information on the global earthquake preparedness day, visit The Great British Columbia ShakeOut​.