Financial Information

​​IBC provides data collection services for GISA and sets standards for the submission of financial information.​ “Financial information (FI)” exhibits enable better understanding of the automobile insurance industry’s financial performance.

What is GISA?

The General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit corporation. Regulators, industry representatives make up GISA’s 14-member board of directors.

Since 2006, GISA has been overseeing mandated statistical information for all participating jurisdictions. As a statistical agent, GISA promotes:

  • Timely statistical data collection, analyses and reporting 
  • Quality and value of statistical data generated by licensed insurers
  • A coordinated approach to data filing requirements for insurers by acting on behalf of participating insurance regulators

What a reporting insurance company mu​st submit

GISA’s Financial Information (FI) program outlines all of the data elements that reporting insurance companies need to submit. IBC’s FI Submission Requirements​​ provide additional details about how the data is to be submitted.

Your FI Coordinator

Each reporting company must assign one FI coordinator to be responsible for communications, data submissions and data quality verifications. Insurance companies can select the same coordinator to submit their data via IBC. Companies must provide GISA with information about their FI coordinator, including the coordinator’s:

  • Full name and title
  • Postal and email addresses
  • Phone number 
  • Company ID(s) – as defined under GISA’s Automobile Statistical Plan (ASP)
​​Implementation of Collection of Financial Information - FI ULAE Submission RequirementsFinancial Information Main Collection - March 2014