Policy and Procedures - Risk Management

​​Minimize risk and exposure by having policies in place and ensuring your employees are aware of them.​

​The policies and procedures that your organization implements depend on many factors, including your industry and government regulations. But there are basic risk exposures that most organizations need to address. Consider the following common policies and procedures:Screening and hiring of employees and/or volunteersBusiness continuity or contingency plansInspections and maintenance of buildings and/or premisesEmployee trainingAnalysis of existing contracts to limit liabilitiesEmergency plansIncident reportingFinancial managementPrivacyEthicsEmployee discipline and dismissalThere are many other policies that an organization might create, depending on activities and duties performed. For example, a restaurant may require policies for food preparation and service and for alcohol service. Learn tips for creating and implementing effective policies and procedures for your organization. ​​ *Source: Compiled with Canadian Risk Intervention Inc.