Financial Literacy

​1 in 2 Canadians wants to know more about home and auto insurance and how it fits into their financial plans.

How Insurance Serves to Protect Your Valued Assets

Consumer protection is top of mind nowadays. With identity theft and other fraud schemes plaguing Canadians, governments are interested in helping consumers protect themselves against risk. Financial literacy helps educated, empowered consumers make smarter, more responsible decisions. By understanding how insurance works, and risk management best practices, you can use these important tools for financial planning.

With additional knowledge, people can often reduce their insurance costs and improve the protection for their most valuable possessions – their carshomes and businesses.

Helping Consumers Make Informed Decisions

As a member of the advisory council assembled by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, IBC plays an active role in looking at a range of issues including financial literacy.

This is in addition to IBC’s ongoing consumer education, business and community outreach projects across Canada. Make informed decisions by increasing your insurance knowledge and accessing these IBC resources:

Every November, IBC also supports national Financial Literacy Month with community events, partnerships with key stakeholders and public outreach activities.