Insurance Vendors

Insurance is a significant financial investment so it's worthwhile to learn about your buying options. You can buy insurance from a broker, agent or direct writer.

What's a Broker, Agent and Direct Writer?

You can buy insurance from:

  • A broker who works with a number of insurance companies 
  • An agent who sells insurance for one company
  • A direct writer, an insurance company that sells directly to the consumer through its call centre and/or website

How to Find an Insurance Representative

You may want to ask trusted relatives, friends or business associates if they can recommend an agent or broker.

For a broker, you can also contact your provincial insurance brokers' association or the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada. To find a broker who sells insurance for a particular company, contact the insurance company or visit its website.

Looking for a direct writer? Contact the Canadian Association of Direct Response Insurers or call 416-773-0101 for a list of their members.

How to Choose an Agent or Broker

Your agent or broker should be:

  • Willing to take the time to understand your insurance needs and recommend appropriate policy options
  • Able to explain your policy and coverage in clear, precise language
  • Licensed in your province

Licensing of Brokers and Agents

To verify that an agent or broker is licensed to sell insurance in your province, contact the appropriate licensing body in your province. See the links below: