Health and Safety

​Is air-quality or soil testing covered under my insurance policy?

Coverage of any air or soil quality testing is based on the policy's terms and conditions, however, most home insurance policies do not insure the land; therefore, it's unlikely that soil testing would be covered.

Insurers have no responsibility or authority to inspect air or soil samples for health and safety issues and provide or deny clearance for entry back into the home. Homeowners, tenants and landlords can contact Alberta Health Services and ask for an environmental health officer to inspect the premises and decide if they are suitable for habitation.


My home had a lot of smoke damage and I'm concerned about toxic residue on surfaces. Would testing the interior of my home for health concerns be covered by insurance?

Speak with your insurance representative to determine if testing is warranted and if the cost is covered under your policy.


My home is still standing but is right next to a burned down home. I received a pink notice from Alberta Health Services to say I could get an inspection if I want. Would that be covered by insurance?

In late August, Alberta Health Services posted pink placards on homes that are in front of/in back of damaged properties. According to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo website, these placards provide the resident the opportunity for an Alberta Health Services inspection of their property, given the close proximity to damaged homes. The placard will include contact information for Environment Public Health to schedule an inspection with a public health inspector, Pulse Line, Community Wellness Line and a statement explaining why a pink placard was received.

If there is a cost associated with the inspection, you should speak with your insurance representative to determine if the cost is covered under the terms of your insurance policy.

For more information on Health and Safety matters, contact:

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Alberta Health Services