Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, car and business insurers.

IBC membership is open to Canadian-licensed private home, car and business insurance and reinsurance companies. Most Canadian-licensed private home, car and business insurers are members of IBC.

IBC members have access to our Issues Management (IM) service. IBC’s Membership Information sets out the eligibility requirements and benefits for IM membership.

Non-insurance/reinsurance companies that provide goods and services to the Canadian property and casualty industry and that do not qualify for IBC Membership may be eligible to become IBC Industry Subscribers. Eligibility requirements and benefits of subscription are set out in IBC Industry Subscribers.

In addition, insurance companies (both IBC members and non-members) and brokers can subscribe to IBC’s Vehicle Information Services (VIS). VIS adds significant value to IBC’s property and casualty insurer membership by providing information products and services that enhance the operations of member companies. VIS Subscription Information provides additional information on the value of VIS.

For more information, please contact Member Services at