IBC Memberships, Services and Members - Insurer/Reinsurer

IBC’s member companies – private insurers and reinsurers - can subscribe to valuable services that provide exclusive information and benefits to members.

Want to learn more about eligibility and the benefits of an IBC membership? Contact memberservices@ibc.ca for more detailed information and an estimate tailored to your company.

Service options for members:


Insurers with access to this service have a role in helping to set the strategic direction of IBC and its policy initiatives. The participation of IM members in IBC initiatives and committees/advisory groups also helps to strengthen and refine the communication between insurance companies and the public, government, news media, and other industry associations. These members are also granted exclusive access to timely, relevant materials through IBC’s secure member site which includes: 

  • IBC Advisory Policy Wordings 
  • Legal and Underwriting Bulletins
  • Breaking News and Industry Newsletters 
  • Position papers and research reports
  • Submissions to government


This service and its associated components focuses on connecting members, governments and law enforcement to fight insurance crime. Members who subscribe to this service have access to best practices that assist insurers in identifying and deterring fraud and reducing cross-insurer fraud.


VIS is an additional service that can be paired with IM and/or IS services. VIS subscribers have access to an extensive database containing up-to-date information related to a variety of private passenger vehicles.  

VIS data is used in exclusive IBC products and paired with insurance claim and premium data to produce the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating for subscribers. 

Company and Group - A Services
​Algoma Mutual Insurance Company

​Allianz Global Risks (US) Insurance Company
​Allstate Canada Group of Companies (ACG)
​Allstate Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Esurance Insurance Company of Canada
​Pafco Insurance Company​A​B​*
Pembridge Insurance Company​A​B​*
​L'Alpha, compagnie d'assurance inc.​B​*
​The American Road Insurance Company​B
​Arch Insurance Canada Ltd.​A​*
​Atradius Credit Insurance N.V.​A
Aviva Canada Inc.
​Aviva General Insurance Company
​Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
​Elite Insurance Company​A​*
​Pilot Insurance Company
​S & Y Insurance Company​A​*
​Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited​A​*
​Traders General Insurance Company​A​*
​AXIS Reinsurance Company (Canadian Branch)​A
Company and Group - B​ ​ Services
​The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada​A

​Brant Mutual Insurance Company
Company and Group - C​ ​ Services
CAA Club Group
Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company
BCAA Insurance Corporation
La Capitale Financial Group / SSQ Insurance
​La Capitale assurances générales inc.
Unica Insurance Incorporated​A​B​*
​L'Unique assurances générales inc.​A​B​*
​Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Continental Casualty Company​A​B​*
The Co-operators Group Limited
​Co-operators General Insurance Company​B​*
​COSECO Insurance Company​B​*
​The Sovereign General Insurance Company​B​*
​​CUMIS General Insurance Company​B​*
​CorePointe Insurance Company​B
Company and Group - D​ ​ Services
Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.​
​Certas Direct Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Certas Home and Auto Insurance CompanyA​​B​*
Desjardins assurances générales Inc.
The Personal General Insurance Inc.​
​The Personal Insurance Company​A​B​*
Company and Group - E​ ​ Services 
​Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLC
Economical Insurance  
​Economical Mutual Insurance Company
​The Missisquoi Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Perth Insurance Company​A​B​*
Sonnet Insurance Company​​A​B​*
​Waterloo Insurance Company​A​B​*
Electric Insurance Company​A*​
Euler Hermes American Credit Indemnity Company​A
​Everest Insurance Company of Canada  ​A
Everest Reinsurance Company​A
Company and Group - F​ ​ Services
​Federal Insurance Company of Canada
Fenchurch General Insurance Company
Company and Group - G​ ​ Services 
General Reinsurance Corporation
Gore Mutual Insurance Company​A​B​*
Company and Group - H​ ​ Services
Hartford Fire Insurance Company​A​B​*
HDI Global SE Canada Branch
HDI Global Specialty SE
​Howick Mutual Insurance Company​B
Company and Group - I​ ​ Services
Industrielle Alliance, Assurance auto et habitation inc.
​Prysm Assurances générales inc.
Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI)
​Intact Financial Corporation
Belair Insurance Company Inc.
​The Guarantee Company of North America
​Intact Insurance Company​A​B​*
JEVCO Insurance Company​A​B​*
The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Novex Insurance Company
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada
​Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada
Company and Group - L​ ​ Services
​Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
​Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Company and Group - M​ ​ Services
MAX Insurance​A
​​Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited
​Munich Re Group ​ ​ ​
​Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada​A
​Temple Insurance Company​A
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.​A​B
​The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia​A
Company and Group - N​ ​ Services
​Northbridge Financial Corporation
​Federated Insurance Company of Canada​A​B​*
​Northbridge General Insurance Corporation​A​B​*
Verassure Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Zenith Insurance Company​A​B​*
​North Kent Mutual Fire Insurance​B
Company and Group - O​ ​ Services
​Odyssey America Reinsurance Corporation(Canadian Branch)​A
​Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada​A​B*​
Omega General Insurance Company
Optimum General Inc.​
​Optimum Insurance Company Inc.
​Optimum West Insurance Company Inc.
​Optimum Farm Insurance Inc.
Company and Group - P​ ​ Services
​Partner Reinsurance Company of the U.S.​A
Peace Hills General Insurance Company​A​B​*
Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company​B​*
Promutuel Assurance​A*​
​Protective Insurance Company​A*​
Company and Group - R​ ​ Services
​Red River Mutual Insurance Company
Company and Group - S​ ​ Services
SCOR Canada Reinsurance Company
​Sentry Insurance, A Mutual Company​A​*
Sirius America Insurance Company
​SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Company
​Starr Insurance and Reinsurance LimitedA​
​Swiss Re
​Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., Canadian Branch​A
​Westport Insurance Corporation​AB
Company and Group - T​ ​ Services
TD Insurance
​Primmum Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Security National Insurance Company​A​B*
​TD Direct Insurance Inc.
​TD General Insurance Company​A​B​*
​TD Home and Auto Insurance Company
Toa Reinsurance Company of America (Canada Branch)
​Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Travelers Canada
​St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company
​The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
​Travelers Insurance Company of CanadaA​​B​*
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company​AB​
​Triton Insurance Company​A
Company and Group - WServices 
​The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company​A​B​*
​Wynward Insurance Group​B
Company and Group - X​ ​ Services
​XL Specialty Insurance Company
Company and Group - Z​ ​Services
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.