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Industry Resources

Industry Resources

IBC provides valuable resources for industry stakeholders, including data quality services and standardized claims agreements. In addition, IBC produces various serial publications, such as State of the Industry reports and the annual Facts of the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada. Our recent Handbook on Economic Capital Modelling has been developed as educational material for Canadian P&C insurers.

Economic Capital Modelling Handbook

​Economic Capital Modelling Handbook

This publication reflects the need recognized by Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry to develop educational material about the use and development of economic capital models (ECMs) for decision-making purposes.


The language of insurance can be quite complex and confusing. Insurance professionals with whom you may come into contact should be prepared to explain these terms. If you don't understand, ask!

State of the Industry

​State of the Industry 

An overview of the home, auto and business insurance industry, IBC’s “State of the Industry” reports cover every province and territory.​​​

Facts Book

​Facts Book

For insurers, stakeholders and the general public, IBC produces Facts of the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada. This resource provides essential facts about home, auto and business insurance and about issues the industry is facing.​

Data Quality Management

Data Management ​

IBC’s Data Management division oversees the collection of industry data through our proprietary applications. We help auto and business insurance companies ensure that their submitted data meets all quality standards. 

Outside Resource Links

Outside Resource Links

Across Canada, a variety of stakeholder, advocacy, government and industry groups provide additional information about insurance and matters related to the industry. ​

IBC Claims Agreements

IBC Claims Agreements

Standardized claims agreements help with claim settlements, especially where two or more policies are involved. IBC forms help to standardize claims reporting.