Prince Edward Island Provincial Auto Theft Network

Across the country, auto theft and fraud costs Canadians nearly $500 million each year.​​

Who Is Part of PE PATNET?

The Prince Edward Island PATNET (PE PATNET) program launched in December 2013, with a 2-day training session at the Atlantic Police Academy in Summerside, PEI. Law enforcement officers who attended the event learned about basic vehicle identification and investigation techniques.

Participants included members of:

  • Each of Prince Edward Island’s local police communities
  • Municipal police
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Atlantic Police Academy.

PE PATNET training provides vital information to frontline enforcement officers regarding auto identification, theft investigations and auto theft red flags. PATNET continues to serve as a model for other jurisdictions as the program continues to expand across Canada.

How PATNET Fights Auto Theft and Fraud

PATNET shares information, professional training and support between the property and casualty insurance industry and law enforcement agencies. Red Flags at the Roadside is a program that: 

  • Provides information to help frontline officers recognize “red flags” that lead to the recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Shares examples of how criminals may attempt to disguise stolen vehicles
  • Provides instruction on the authority of law enforcement to conduct searches and seizures under the Criminal Code and provincial statutes relating to fraud.

Across the Alantic Provinces

Launched in New Brunswick in 2010, PATNET expanded its operations to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 2013. Initiated in the Atlantic provinces, this successful partnership represents a strong commitment between IBC and law enforcement officials to fight auto theft and fraud.

As a cofounder, IBC provides training and workshops and participates in the sharing of information about jurisdictional trends and auto theft activity.