Data Quality Bulletins - 2012

Data Quality (DQ) Bulletins are issued to communicate data quality and reporting information to companies submitting data to IBC. DQ Bulletins can relate to one or more statistical plans or to a specific project.

​The following table lists all bulletins for 2012. Click the bulletin number to open the PDF version.


Bulletin Number

​Date Issued




​September 27, 2012

​Updated Edition of the Automobile Statistical Plan and Edit Rules Documentation - Version 2.2



​April 17, 2012

​Early Warning System (EWS) Commercial Liability Statistical Plan (CLSP) – User Access and Training

- Automobile Stat Plan Anomaly Rule Business Descriptions
- Commercial Liability Stat Plan Anomaly Rule Business Descriptions
- Registration Form



​April 16, 2012

​UV Project Update: Seasonal Vehicles, Reporting Timeliness and Customer Expectations



​March 1, 2012

​Decommissioning of AISI Registration Website

​Commercial Liability


​January 10, 2012

​IBC Announces February 1, 2012, Go-live Date for 2012 CLSP