Commercial Liability

IBC’s data quality analysts advise insurance companies on reporting requirements for the Commercial Liability Statistical Plan. FSRA mandates annual commercial liability reports from Ontario insurers.​

IBC and the Commercial Liability Statistical Plan (CLSP) 

As the service provider to the General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA), IBC provides data collection, compilation and reporting services as required by GISA under the Commercial Liability Statistical Plan and Edit Rules Documentation (ZIP). 

​Insurance companies across Canada are required by GISA to report various types of data. An IBC data quality analyst can provide more information about the current CLSP. Since 2012, the CLSP has been accessible through the same portal as the Automobile Statistical Plan. 

Reporting Statistics

Commercial liability experience is reported and exhibited on an accident-year basis. Reporting is mandatory in the province of Ontario and is subject to regulation by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

Outside the province of Ontario, prior to the plan’s discontinuation as of the 2005 data year, participation was voluntary. To obtain copies of the last published exhibits, call IBC’s Member Services at 416 362-2031 or 1-800-761-6703 ext. 1008.

Accessing the “Blue Book” and Other Exhibits

Commercial liability experience is presented in a series of exhibits, in what those in the industry generally refer to as the Blue Book. This publication includes the following:

  • Exhibits from across Canada for the IBC voluntary plan prior to 2005 – available to participants and IBC member insurance companies only
  • Exhibits based on the Ontario mandated plan – available to all parties

Information about all-industry exhibits can be found in the “Commercial Liability – Ontario” section of the GISA Catalogue of Statistical Exhibits. Information about by-company or group exhibits can be found in the “Commercial Liability Exhibits (For company information only)” section of the IBC Catalogue of Products and Services.