Incident and Accident Reporting - Claims Management

​Your insurance representative can answer your questions about a complex claim, such as one that involves injuries, contact your insurance representative.​​​

5 Tips for Reporting a Claim 

  1. If a reported incident/collision will likely result in a claim, submit a copy of the incident/collision report to your insurer.
  2. If you receive a Statement of Claim from an injured party against your organization, submit it to your insurer immediately.
  3. If applicable, the adjuster will provide a proof of loss form to be completed to demonstrate that the organization has experienced a loss.
  4. Document all monetary costs related to the claim, which may include repair work, hospital bills and lost income.
  5. Cooperate and communicate frequently with your insurer during the claims process.  ​

Keep Your Claim Records​

​After any loss situation, maintaining claim records can help you identify and track trends in the causes of losses and all associated costs. 

Be sure to retain all records of premiums paid, additional charges and returned premiums for all of your insurance policies.

Source: Compiled with Canadian Risk Intervention Inc.