Home Insurance Renewal on a Total Loss

​My house burned down in the wildfire. My home insurance renewal came in the mail and it is saying I must pay a premium that is based on a standing home on the property. Is this right?

Generally, unless you request specific changes in coverage, your policy will renew as if there had never been a wildfire.

Your mortgage holder may require you to maintain insurance on the building, based on the terms of your mortgage contract, even if the rebuild of your home has not started yet.

At a minimum, you should consider coverage for your personal property and your personal liability. You still own and are responsible for the land.

Depending on who is rebuilding your house, you may be responsible for insuring the structure as it is being rebuilt. In that case, you must maintain coverage for the anticipated full value of your rebuilt home. The cost of this coverage is typically included in the replacement cost of your home. Check with your homebuilder, and ask your insurance representative about what coverage you require and the options available to you.