IBC Membership Information


IBC membership is open to private federally and provincially licensed insurers and reinsurers. To be eligible, insurers must write auto, home and/or business insurance lines.

IBC members have access to the following services:

  • Participation on IBC's regional and standing committees, advisory groups, and our Board of Directors, giving our members the ability to shape IBC's policy, advocacy, and strategic priorities that are centred on the needs of the industry
  • Information support delivered by Member Services
  • Subscription industry publications, including IBC Industry News, a regular newsletter to keep members informed on IBC's activities plus emerging insurance issues across the country, and Breaking News, timely member bulletins on significant matters affecting the industry, IBC, or any of our strategic priorities.
  • Access to IBC's member site to view documents, such as:

    • IBC Advisory Policy Wordings (habitational, commercial property, general property and commercial general liability series), which offer industry benchmarks and detailed information on industry forms and coverages
    • Status updates on emerging trends, such as major catastrophes
    • Legal bulletins in English and French, which outline industry-altering legislative changes on topics such as automobile insurance, tort reforms, taxation and privacy, as well as court decisions related to all aspects of the industry
    • Underwriting bulletins, which provide information on changes to IBC Advisory Policy Wording (forms)
    • Claims bulletins, which offer analysis of claims-related issues, cases and events affecting the industry
    • Position papers, submissions, and research reports that detail the facts behind industry issues
    • Newsletters, such as IBC Quarterly, Tax Newsletter, and Atlantic Insurance Exchange.

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Learn more about our membership and services by contacting us at memberservices@ibc.ca or 416-362-2031, or 1-800-761-6703, ext. 1008