Saskatchewan Automobile Insurance

​​​​​​Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), a government-owned monopoly insurer, provides mandatory auto insurance that is known as the “Auto Fund”. Additional coverage – that reduces basic deductibles and increases third-party liability – can be purchased from private insurers. 

​In Saskatchewan, the government monopoly limits competition and choice when you buy auto insurance. Your choice of a no-fault or tort-based option determines your accident benefit limits and right to sue in specific situations. 

Accident benefits, third-party liability and coverage for damage to your own vehicle subject to a deductible must be bought from SGI. Plate Insurance includes no-fault accident benefits (tort and no-fault), third party liability and all-perils coverage for damage to your own vehicle. 

SGI provides specific guidelines​ for drivers and vehicles. 

What Insurance Covers

Mandatory third-party liability coverage protects an insured Saskatchewan driver and/or car owner in the event that someone is killed, injured or suffers property damage as a result of the driver’s negligence. Limits for no-fault medical benefits vary based on the driver’s selection of a no-fault or tort option.

​What Coverage is Mandatory?

The government requires all drivers to purchase mandatory third-party liability coverage of $200,000. Learn more about mandatory coverage in the province.

The No-Fault or Tort Choice

While Saskatchewan is largely a no-fault  province, you can purchase auto insurance with a tort option. This choice has been available to Saskatchewan residents since January 1, 2003. 

Drivers who select the tort option have the right to sue for “pain and suffering” (subject to a $5,000 deductible) as well as financial loss in excess of no-fault benefits. You can buy more coverage from SGI to suit your needs.