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Claims Process

After a collision, contact Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) to make a claim through its Auto eClaim or Dial-A-Claim systems. You must notify SGI about a collision as soon as possible. An appraiser will be assigned to work on your claim and evaluate the total damages.

Making a ClaimIf you don't make a claim within a set time period, SGI may not be legally bound to honour it. Visit SGI for detailed information about:Submitting a claim online with Auto eClaimThe 5 steps you should follow to file an auto claim after a collision.3 Key Claim TipsIf you are injured, you may be entitled to benefits. Inform SGI if you or any passengers in your vehicle were injured. You will be referred to an injury representative to make a claim.Once your adjuster has confirmed your coverage, you may have the vehicle repaired at the service centre of your choice. SGI does not direct customers to any particular facility. If you find the repair shop’s work unsatisfactory, it is up to you to address the concern with the shop. Your insurer will not pay more than the price quoted by its appraiser. If your vehicle is damaged, take reasonable steps to prevent further damage. If your vehicle has a broken window, for example, cover it to prevent rain from entering and causing water damage to the interior. Your Claims AppraiserAn SGI claims appraiser will be assigned to your claim and will direct you to the nearest claims centre to determine how much damage or loss is covered. How to Document Your Auto Insurance ClaimIf safe to do so, take photos of the accident scene with your cellphone or sketch the scene. Note the positions of the vehicles. It’s important to record and share all collision details with your appraiser, including:How the collision happened and the time, date and locationThe speed of your vehicle and the road conditionsInsurance information (e.g., driver’s licences, plate numbers, insurance companies and policy members)Contact information (e.g., name, address and phone number) of drivers, passengers and witnesses Learn more about how you can prevent further loss after a collision.