Winter is coming. What will happen to my home rebuild?

Q: Can work on my house continue through the winter?

A: There are a number of challenges with building during the winter months that you'll need to discuss with your contractor as well as your insurer. The Alberta Building Code has specific requirements that contractors must meet when pouring concrete, working on foundations and excavating in cold temperatures. These rules are in place to protect property owners from the additional costs associated with materials not performing properly because they were installed in cold weather.

Q: My contractor wants to pour the foundation for my house, but it's really cold outside. Should I be concerned?

A: Allowing concrete that has just been poured to cool below 10° C can affect its ability to reach its ultimate strength, leaving the structure with a substandard foundation. If concrete must be poured in cold weather, heating provisions are required to ensure the minimum curing temperatures and maximum concrete strength. It may also be necessary to leave the form work on for a substantial time to achieve a proper cure. Speak with your contractor to understand what precautions will be taken, and to your insurance representative to understand whether the additional cost would be covered under your policy.

Q: Will my insurer pay the additional costs associated with a winter rebuild?

A: Speak with your insurance representative about the increased costs. Depending on your policy and the coverage limits, the increased costs may be covered. Your insurance representative will tell you if the added costs of a winter rebuild will be covered by your policy. 

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