Insurance 101

​​Life comes with risk. A massive rainstorm can lead to your basement flooding. A car collision can happen at any moment. Your business might be damaged by vandalism. – Thankfully, insurance can give you peace of mind. 

Recovering from a loss situation costs more than most people can manage on their own. Insurance protects you from having to pay out a huge amount in the event of a collision or natural disaster.

Understanding some of the basic elements of insurance will help you make informed decisions. Your insurance representative can provide you with more information on available options to meet your specific needs.

Insurance Basic

I​nsurance Basics

Driving a car, buying a home or starting a business are risky endeavours. Protect yourself and your property against unforeseen damage or mishaps with insurance.

How to Buy Insurance 

Private insurance companies provide many options for car, home and business insurance. Learn how an insurance representative can help you get the coverage that best meets your needs.

Buying Tips

Before you purchase coverage, ensure that your questions are answered so you can make informed decisions. Discover what you should consider when buying car, home and business insurance.

Your Policy Checklist

Declarations, insuring agreements and policy conditions are commonly found in most insurance policies. By understanding how to read insurance documentation, you can play an important role in managing your policy.

Public Versus Private Auto Insurance

Public and private insurers provide car insurance to Canadians. Car insurance systems in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec are run by the government. Private insurance companies compete for your business, and provide the consumer with more options and better value.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy helps educated, empowered consumers make smarter, more responsible decisions. By understanding how insurance works, and risk management best practices, you can use these important tools for financial planning.

Know Your Policy

A car collision, a basement damaged by water and a business interrupted by vandalism are risks that people face each day. After a loss happens, everyday life can change in big ways. Now is the time to Know Your Policy and better protect yourself.