Cost Control

​There are many ways you can control insurance costs and lower your premium. Shop around and ask your insurance representative for more information about the options below and other savings opportunities.

​Home Insurance

​​Adopt and practice risk management strategies for your home.

​Auto Insurance

​Build a collision-free and conviction-free driving record.

  • Shop around and compare policies
  • Adjust how you use your car by taking public transit to work if it is available.
  • Exclude high-risk drivers from your policy so that if you are a good driver, you are not penalized with a higher premium.
  • Ensure that an accurate VIN is on record with your insurer for your vehicle.
  • Drop collision coverage on an older car.
  • Install an immobilizer – an approved theft deterrent system – in your vehicle.
  • Consider a telematics device. Also known as usage-based insurance (UBI) or pay-as-you-drive, this is a new way to administer insurance and calculate premiums.
  • Buy a car with a lower-cost insurance rating – understand How Cars Measure Up.
  • Avoid buying a flood-damaged vehicle. IBC’s VIN Verify Service can help.

​Business Insurance

​Adopt and practice risk management strategies for your business.

All Types of Property and Casualty Insurance

​Request a bundled deal for insuring your car(s) and home, or multiple lines of business risk with the same insurance company.

  • Increase your deductible by taking on a greater share of the cost of a claim.