How to Buy Insurance

You can buy home, business and optional auto insurance from private insurers. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), a government-run insurer, sells mandatory auto insurance through what is known as the Saskatchewan Auto Fund.

Insurance protects you and your property against risk by covering unforeseen damage or mishaps. When driving a car, buying a home or establishing a business, insurance can give you peace of mind.

Mandatory Auto Insurance

Mandatory basic auto insurance – which includes accident benefits, compulsory minimum third-party liability ($200,000) and coverage for damage to your own vehicle subject to a deductible – must be bought from SGI.

Optional Auto Insurance

Additional auto insurance coverage – that, for example, reduces basic deductibles and increases third-party liability limits – can be purchased from private insurers.

Where to Buy Insurance

Most insurance representatives provide some form of home and business insurance. Make an informed choice before you buy.

Throughout the province, private insurance companies compete on the basis of price, coverage and service. They offer consumers and businesses choices when buying mandatory auto or optional home or business insurance. Private insurers provide expert guidance on the best value and coverage for your needs.

Auto Insurance 

By law, if you own and drive a car, you must buy auto insurance from a private insurer. 

Home Insurance

While the law does not mandate it, banks or mortgage holders may insist that you purchase home insurance 

Business Insurance

Also called "commercial insurance," business insurance is not mandatory in the province.