​​​​​​​​​​​Am I covered? When can I start to rebuild? In the wake of a disaster, there are many questions to consider.

Be Prepared​

​Canada’s weather patterns are evolving, and severe weather is occurring more frequently. Know what governments and the insurance industry are doing to mitigate damage and loss, as well as what they can do to help manage a crisis when disaster strikes.


Damage from torrential rains can be extensive. Recognizing that urban communities are vulnerable, IBC is piloting technology to help protect against sewer backup damage. ​​


Windstorms are extremely dangerous and can cause devastating damage. Know what losses your insurance may cover and learn how to take precautions against a windstorm.


Fire is a common fear. Wildfires are difficult to contain and unpredictable. Learn how to extinguish home fires and reduce your risk of a home fire. 

Hail & Ice

Ice damage from hail and ice storms has caused more than $1 billion in damage since 2011. Know what damage is covered by insurance.


Earthquakes can cause direct and indirect damage that may or may not be covered by insurance. Be prepared for an earthquake by learning what to do during and after this disaster strikes.

Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion (CAMP)

Launched in 2010, IBC’s CAMP is a national program that provides on-site support to disaster victims.

Fraud / Disaster Alerts

Criminals and fraudsters may take advantage of a disaster to steal from neighbours or defraud the insurance system. IBC publishes disaster-related fraud alerts.​