Data Management

IBC’s Data Managemen​t team helps auto and business insurance companies ensure that their submitted data meets all quality standards.​

IBC’s Data-Driven Services

IBC’s actuarial and statistical experts transform more than 200 million insurance tra​nsactions each year into valuable information for IBC members. IBC uses data to:

  • Draft industry-level statistical exhibits for the General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA)
  • Create useful pricing information 
  • Provide support for strategic underwriting decisions 
  • Ensure an accurate pool of industry information for member insurers
  • Support and lobby for industry initiatives as well as fight insurance crime
  • Inform the CLEAR rate groups used by the insurance industry to ensure premiums are accurate
  • Create consumer education materials such as “How Cars Measure Up” and the annual “Top 10 Most Stolen Cars
  • Help identify stolen vehicles before they leave Canada
  • Ensure our insurance crime investigators have accurate information about claims patterns and loss data
  • Provide accurate, industry-wide information to regulators who review the rate filings of insurance companies

How To Contact IBC's Data Management Team

IBC’s Data Management team helps insurers by proactively analyzing data. Data quality analysts identify accuracy issues as well as provide assistance with data submission, correction and inquiries about quality. For more information, contact a data quality analyst.