Earthquake Symposium Report

EQ Symposium Report

​Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) hosted "Preparing Canada for an Earthquake: A National Conversation" in Vancouver, B.C., in October 2014. More than 160 federal and provincial politicians, senior government staff , scientists, risk modellers, emergency responders and insurers attended the symposium to share their insights and research.

The goal of the symposium was to spark conversations and exchange knowledge and ideas across disciplines. By all accounts, the symposium was a major success, and participants expressed a strong interest in continuing the conversation.

The symposium galvanized around three main themes:

  • The value of strengthening partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders
  • The value of building resilient communities
  • The value of learning from post-quake experiences and recovery efforts, such as those in New Zealand following the quakes in 2010-2011.

EQ Symposium Report 

"Preparing Canada for an Earthquake: A National Conversation" (PDF)