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Making a Difference

…in the lives of Canadians and in the P&C Insurance Industry

What we do

We are the national industry association representing a vast majority of Canada’s home, car and business insurance companies. On behalf of our member companies we advocate for property and casualty (P&C) insurance that is available and affordable to all Canadians.

As advocates for the insurance industry and the people who count on it, we seek to understand the challenges facing Canadians, the industry and governments so we can proactively prepare for the future.

How we’re making a difference

Simply put, we’re making a difference by helping make insurance better. That means better access, affordability and educational resources for consumers. Better proactive representation and leadership for the industry. Better access to credible, unbiased, consistent data for the media, consumers and government. Better access to the collective expertise of our members to help create policy positions, advocacy initiatives and industry standards that make a difference for all Canadians.

We want to provide Canadians with credible insurance information – when they need it – through ongoing consumer education and on-the-ground support in times of community emergencies.

Read more about the 2023 year in review in the 2023 Facts Book.

How we’re making a difference for Consumers

We strive to be the credible source for P&C insurance information and resources to help Canadians better understand home, car and business insurance. Here’s what we’re doing to make a difference for consumers:

  • Connecting consumers to experts who are ready to answer their questions

  • Creating plain language guidance to help explain insurance policies, requirements, and options

  • Providing easy-to-follow guides and tools for emergency preparedness and response in the wake of natural disasters, and property damage or loss

  • Advocating for better auto insurance legislation

  • Advocating for a competitive and sustainable market for insurance across Canada to make insurance more accessible and more affordable

How we’re making a difference for the P&C Insurance Industry

As the leading voice of the Canadian property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry and their customers, we proactively work to shape decisions on policy reforms and regulations and provide consumer education.

Here’s how we’re making a difference for the P&C industry:

  • Providing a unified voice of leadership and authority

  • Helping remove regulatory barriers by assisting governments understand the issues facing the industry and its consumers

  • Providing unbiased, consistent, evidence-based, transparent research and analysis to the industry, government, consumers and media

  • Advocating to remove regulatory barriers and influence legislative reform

  • Creating centralized, unbiased, credible information, tools and resources for the industry and consumers