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VINlink Decoder

Need to quickly validate the accuracy of a vehicle identification number (VIN)? Our convenient VINlink decoder online service can help save your insurance company time and money.

Using a built-in, “check-digit” algorithm, VINlink calculates the accuracy of the VIN. If it's inaccurate, the decoder alerts you so you can have it corrected.

You can decode any VIN as long as it contains accurate attributes for a given make, model and model year combination. You can decode VINs for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. VINlink decoder finds all dependencies among attributes, including:

  • make and model description

  • engine

  • model year

  • body style

  • restraint systems

  • manufacturing plant

  • country of manufacture

VINlink gives you on-demand access to vehicle code and rate group information when writing new business or when changing an existing policy to add a vehicle or make a substitution. The decoded information can be automatically transferred to other software applications.

Key features of this exclusive decoding service include:

  • user-friendly navigational tools

  • current VIN information maintained in a central database

  • access to any vehicle's VIN in North America

  • time savings – spend less time correcting VIN errors

  • increased productivity with quick access to accurate vehicle identification

  • ability to send VIN questions to IBC’s vehicle inquiry service

  • bulk decoding of VINs through the batch decoder service

  • vehicle validation, decoding, rating and identification tools

  • ability to launch and/or integrate within other online applications

The VINlink decoder can help you reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the road, leading to increased road safety.

To learn more about VINlink's features and benefits, contact us at 1-800-761-6703