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Personal Property Theft Prevention

Taking a few preventative actions can help prevent thieves from targeting your property and your identity.

Prevent personal property theft

Whether you’re leaving home for a couple of days or a couple weeks, here’s what you can do to help keep your home and personal property secure.

  • don’t announce your vacation plans online

  • ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check in on your home every few days

  • load luggage in your garage, not out on the driveway or street

  • secure your car – close windows and lock car doors, remove all valuables from your vehicle

  • double-check all doors and windows to your home are locked

  • set your security system and perform a final home inspection before you leave

  • consider using automatic timers for lights on your property

Safeguard your identity

Remember, your identity is your property too. Thieves use personal information to access bank accounts, secure new credit cards, make purchases and pursue other criminal activities. Use a safe location at home or offsite – such as a safe-deposit box – to secure:

  • passports

  • Internet passwords

  • bank account and social insurance numbers

  • credit card information

Report scams

If you suspect you’ve been targeted by a scam artist, report it to your local police and/or make an anonymous call 24/7 to through the Équité/Crime Stoppers Canada tip line:

1-877-422-TIPS (English)

1-866-422-4331 (Service en Français)

Or report it online at: